Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Weekend Fun

This past weekend was a good but hot one!

Saturday I hung out with my Mom and some friends. We went to a small town just south of the Georgia state line called Havana for the annual Pumpkin Festival. I like going for the food and all of the booths. This year it was HOT! I mean like 95 degrees hot outside so we were pretty toasty. Last year I remember being there and FREEZING to death, I guess that's what we get for complaining about the cold last year.

For it being a Pumpkin Festival we didn't see very many pumpkins. Which was very strange to us. All Landon wanted to do was see pumpkins and we did see a few but now what we were expecting. (I have some cute pictures of Connor and Landon from Saturday that I will add when I get home.)

After the Pumpkin Festival I went back to Kristina's for a bit, then we went and scooped Boo up to go to a new Mexican place to eat in Panacea. It was really good so if you are ever there I recommend it! It's where the old Hammaknockers was. After dinner we all went back to Kristina and Brandon's and had a fire and made S'mores! They were SO YUMMY and now that I am thinking about them I want some more! :)

Sunday I got up at 7:15...what is wrong with me!! I wasn't able to sleep past 8:00 all weekend. I caught up on my DVR'd shows and waited FOREVER for Boo to wake up. He finally got out of bed at 10:30! Once he was up among the living we decided to go eat lunch at Riverside which is this great but small place to eat on the St. Marks river. It's maybe 5 minutes from our house so we are very spoiled with the beach and river being so close.

After lunch we rode into Woodville to go to the Ace Hardware there. (Word to the wise, the one in Woodville is TOTALLY worth the extra drive from Crawfordville they are so much NICER and helpful in Woodville!) Chris wanted to get a few things and also get some lumber for us to make some things that we had been talking about which will be all detailed out in the next post!

We got home and got right to work in the back yard on building and painting our projects. It was a very hot but fun day. It would have been even better with some fall like weather. Today it is all rainy and the weatherman says that tomorrow and the next few days are going to have lows in the 30's and highs in the 70's and that sounds just about perfect to me!

I hope you all are having a great week! :)

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