Thursday, October 13, 2011

In need of a pedicure!

So last night as Boo and I were getting ready for bed my feet touched him under the covers... I admit I have one foot that is a little rough on the bottom and I need a pedicure! Well Chris freaks out and says that him and another person are going to give me a pedicure because I need one THAT bad.

I ask him who the other person is and he says "A PRIEST with Holy Water because that is the ONLY thing that is going to cure that demon foot!"

It was so funny I think I got abs from laughing! :)

After we were done cracking up I told him I was going to have to blog that and so I drafted an e-mail to myself so that I wouldn't forget. The e-mail said "Feet, Holy Water, Priest, Demon, NEED PEDICURE!!" LOL I need to get better at taking notes for the blog!

So all that to say if anyone wants to send me a gift certificate for a pedicure I won't be offended!

It's almost Friday, have a great day!


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