Saturday, November 12, 2011


I have my own craft room/office and I needed some extra storage so a couple of weeks ago Boo helped me build a small shelf to put my circuit and printer on.

It isn't but 28 inches tall but it does what I need it to do. Now I am trying to talk Boo into making me some big bookshelves I have a TON of books and picture frames that I could get out of the shed to display if we can get some built! Plus his parents are coming for Thanksgiving and I want the room to look good and organized.

He helped but let me do most of the cutting and I got to paint the entire thing, the paint color is called Candy Corn. We have had it for a few months from painting some adirondack chairs that he built, it just so happened to be around Halloween that I put it in my office.

Here are some pictures of us building it:

Accident Waiting to Happen...

That's me...

This past Wednesday I wasn't feeling great and I hadn't slept good all week so I decided to stay home from work. I got some sleep that morning and woke up feeling a little better. We had planned on having a hard sale on Saturday so I wanted to get a few things done inside because I knew Saturday we would be busy.

Well I had some curtains from Ikea that I wanted to hang over my kitchen window so I got the fabric down from the linen closet and I ironed them and hemed the sides because I didn't need them to be huge and I wanted two panels instead of one. Well after I got the sides done I wanted to hang them on the curtain rod and hang them in the kitchen window to see how much I needed to hem the bottom.

So I pulled one of our dining room benches over to the kitchen sink because it was either that or a rolling computer chair and I thought hmmm I am home alone a rolling computer chair is not smart. So I climbed up on the bench with the curtains and hung them up and marked how much I needed to hem them.

Once I was down I got the curtains off the rod and went to step down, and when I did the bench slipped out from under me and before I knew it I was on the ground.

It's been four days and I am still very sore. Below are some pictures that are not for the faint of heart! If you are squeamish and blood makes you freak out do not look at the pictures!!

Making Picture Frames

A few weekends ago we decided to make frames to go around the Alarm control panel and the AC control panel. I think they turned out great!

At first it took a few cuts for Chris to figure out which way to turn the wood to get it to cut the edges the correct way.

Here are some pictures: (I don't have the finished pictures yet)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


That is me!

I have a bunch of stuff to post about but I have to upload the pictures and I am being lazy! Hopefully tomorrow I will get them all posted! :)

Next month is Christmas!! YAY!!!