Thursday, October 6, 2011

About Me!

  • My name is Megan
  • Got married in May of 2010
  • I call my Husband Boo!
  • I have 3 sisters
  • My Mom is AMAZING!
  • I love Lists.
  • Love love love Blue Cheese…
  • I LOVE to Read! Honestly my favorite thing to do.
  • I LOVE to take Pictures! Honestly my favorite thing to do. (I have a few FAVORITE things! :))
  • One day I hope to own a Book Store/Coffee House/Firehouse Subs…
  • I want to win the Lottery so I can do the above!
  • I have an office job and I work in IT.
  • I am a Apple Fan! RIP Mr. Steve Jobs!
  • We bought our first house last June.
  • I love my Camera and one day I want to make a living taking pictures!
  • I am SCARED of Spiders…and so is Boo! We both scream like little girls when we see one…sometimes he will kill them for me!
  • I write everything in my planner…and I love it!
  • I love the beach and I am very thankful and blessed to live 5 minutes from it.
  • I love a clean house.
  • I just got a Chevy Equinox brand new...worst decision ever. I have had it just under a month and it's been in the shop more than I have had it out.
  • We have two cats, which I am not a fan of (well I love Tacoma, but Prius drives me CRAZY). I want a puppy!

I sure hope I can keep up with this blog so that I have it to look back on later in life. Hopefully soon I can get some before and after pictures posted of our house from when we first bought it.

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