Friday, October 7, 2011

How I met my Boo - Part Two

…Fast forward to June 14, 2009.

A group of us wanted to go tubing down the Wakulla River to celebrate Ne’Shoni and Sean getting married.

I didn't know who all was going tubing with us; I was just excited to spend a whole day on the river in the sun. I lived way closer than everyone so I got there first and as I was waiting Ne'Shoni called…the following was our conversation:

Ne’Shoni: “So…Chris asked about you!”

Me: (playing dumb) “Who?”

Ne’Shoni: “You know, the guy from dinner that called us c*** blockers...”

Me: (still playing dumb) “Ummm…No I don’t remember him. Anyways what’s up?”

Ne’Shoni: “Well…he is coming today. He asked me if you were coming tubing with us.”

Me: (doing the excited girl dance in my car) “Ohhh Ok cool. Was he the guy that was on the date with that quite girl?”

Ne’Shoni: “Yep! I heard that they broke up!”

Me: (trying to act calm...) “Ok, that’s cool. I will see yall soon.”

Long story short I was SOOOOO excited about seeing and talking with Chris! Finally they all got there and I said hey to everyone but I really didn't speak to Chris I was nervous! :)

We all got going down the river, and FINALLY Chris talked to me lol he had Mason on the float with him (Mason is a friends son) and he was telling Mason to throw sea weed on me.... I was throwing it right back! :) At one point on the river Ne'Shoni called him out and was like "Are you flirting with Megan?" LOL he looked a little nervous and was like NOOO she is flirting with me! (I like to think it was the sea weed that made me fall in love…lol)

…first date up next!

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