Thursday, August 16, 2012

Shame on me!

I have left you all hanging with our house pictures. I won't be able to update today with more house pictures because I am too lazy to get up and go use my desktop and search for pictures.

I want to apologize in advance this post is going to be all over the place.

This week has been DRAGGING!! I am so ready for tomorrow at five o'clock. ACTUALLY I am ready for vacation. Boo and I will be leaving to head to the mountains for 6 days!! I AM SO EXCITED which isn't helping with making time pass by faster.

We are heading to Greenville, SC to visit the in-laws and then to Cherokee, NC and Gaitlinburg, TN for 3 days, then back to the ATL for a night and back home!

I have never been to Tennessee, that's the part I am looking forward to the most. I love the cooler weather in the mountains and you best believe when we get back I will have a billion pictures.

This Saturday my baby brother turns seven...yes I said SEVEN! That just seems incredibly old to me lol I just can't even fathom him growing's happening way too fast. He is into dinosaurs and marine animals right now which I think is awesome. When the movie Big Miracle was in the theaters we took him to see it and he loved it.

Hopefully Sunday I will be able to get some sun at the beach if Mother Nature cooperates.

Happy almost Friday everyone! :)


  1. Greenville is BEAAAAAAAAUTIFUL!! Enjoy it! And Cherokee is a really nice place as is Gatlinburg. Zac and I had a two week honeymoon in a cabin in Gatlinburg and while exploring one day we came upon Cherokee! I love it up there. We try to make it up every Fall! I'm jels!!

    1. Greenville is where Christopher is from, we have also been to Cherokee and I LOVE IT!! I am so excited about Gatlinburg. I remember when yall were up there and I think you got sick right? At least that's what I remember talking about LOL :)