Friday, August 3, 2012

Our House - Moving In - Part One!

After about 2 months we finally closed...buying a house is by FAR the most stressful thing that I have ever done. All the paper work and forms and verification of every little oh man I told Boo that we would NEVER do that again! LOL

We closed at 6:00 on June 30, 2010. That night with the help of some friends we came to the new house to clean it. We got it all clean and drove the 40 minutes back to our apartment to get some rest before loading the u-haul and moving all day.

We got the biggest u-haul truck available and it was FULL to the brim! Plus it decided to STORM on us when we got to the new house. Also the new road is dirt and I am surprised that the u-haul didn't get stuck even though we had a couple of close calls.

Now I know you all really want to see pictures but NO JUDGING us!! :)

These are in no kind of order, just to warn you!

The dining room looking into the kitchen, as soon as we moved in...messy!

The ugly dining room that will be covered soon!

The hallway looking at the front door.

They had the light switch in the living room for the kitchen and it drove us crazy so Boo moved it!! :)

The builders put the light switch to the kitchen light in the living room, sooo Boo moved it into the kitchen.

The next thing we did was start painting...well Boo started painting...and spilled paint on my carpet!

The master bedroom with the ugly blue! It just made the room seem sooo small!

Cutting in with the new color.

Bye Bye Blue!

I am not going to show you final pictures just yet! :)

The next thing we decided to do was paint the master bathroom which was the same color as the master bedroom.

The color we chose was the one on the right.

The far right is the new Master Bathroom Color

Master Bathroom Before


The new color going on

All of the celings needed a fresh new coat of white instead of builders grade off white.

White celing paint being cut in and then the new blue!!

Boo also painted the mirrors from the bathroom.


Master Bathroom Mirrors: Before

Mirror Before



Master Bathroom Mirror: After

I think that is enough for one post! Part Two will be up tomorrow! It will be all about the JUNK room! :)

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