Saturday, August 4, 2012

Our House - Moving In - Part Two!

We had SO MUCH STUFF! You would think moving from a two bedroom apartment to a much bigger house we would have a place for everything!

Well we didn't! These next couple of pictures show what I referred to as the JUNK room! That is until we got a shed...which we didn't get for a while. That means me and my OCD had to live with this disaster for what felt like YEARS!

REMEMBER NO JUDGING! :) Also ignore the ugly color it no longer looks like this!

Exhibit A

Junk Room before we got a shed!

Exhibit B

Junk Room

Exhibit C

Junk Room

Exhibit D

Junk Room

Never knew I had so many pictures of junk :)

Exhibit E

Junk Room

The airplane in this one is a sore's a remote control flying plane that Boo begged and begged for so I got it for him for Christmas. He has flown it twice and just recently tried to give it away...

Exhibit F

Junk Room with the Airplane

Exhibit G

Junk Room

This one is blurry but Tacoma had taken over the window in the junk room.

Exhibit H

Tacoma in the junk room window

This was when we FINALLY got the shed and Boo was thrilled to be going through the junk room...can't you tell?!?!

Exhibit I

Boo and the Junk Room

I hope I didn't make your OCD go into overdrive looking at these! I am just trying to keep it honest here on the blog...I think I need some medication after looking at these. Even though I am sitting in what used to be the junk room right now talking to you uhhh typing this up and am very happy with the progress.

Two years later and we are still updating and working on the house.

Moving is NOT fun at all, I hate it. How do you feel about it? Maybe we should start up MA meetings...Moving Anonymous for us that are scarred for life. :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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