Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Birthday Boy

On July 23 my husband turned 29! :)

He wanted an entire Birthday week... He should know only I get an entire week! LOL

We took two days off work and had an extra long weekend just celebrating him.

On Friday we rented a boat with another couple so we could go scalloping.

The morning started off bright and early, I had to get up earlier to go on the boat than I do when I have to get up to go to work.

I noticed that it was looking cloudy but figured it would pass us right over.

To the east it was beautiful.

To the west was a different story!

We decided to go up the Wakulla river to check and see how the water was looking and to just ride around.

Well this should have been another sign to go home lol first the rain clouds and then our boat breaks down. The boys try a few things and can't get it to crank so we call for a tow and tell them where we are. After about 30 minutes no one has come to get us so they try the boat again and it STARTS!! WOO HOO yay right?!?! Except the boat wouldn't go fast with out making a horrible noise. So we slowly start heading back to the marina when what do we see coming at us...the other boat that was being brought to us to switch out with the broken boat coming from the opposite way from where we told them that we were.

We switch boats and start heading out to the flats...

It starts down pouring!! Like stinging rain that was FREEZING!

All we could do was laugh. Chris said "Who's idea was this?!?!" I was like YOURS!!

It rained for about 20 minutes and then was done for the rest of the day and we got to see some awesome rainbows!

I can't rotate these! Grrr sorry about that!!

It was low tide when we went out which means that it was SHALLOW! We were out far but it was still only about 3 feet deep. I was the only Florida native on the boat and I was telling Christopher that he needed to go out farther from shore because there were oyster beds and sandbars everywhere.

He proceeds to tell me "I know what I am doing you just sit there and enjoy the ride." 

Not even five seconds later we HIT a sandbar... thankfully we didn't get stuck or hurt but all I could do was laugh and tell him TOLD YA SO! :)

(See 2.8 feet deep!)

(such a tiny cute crab)

Thankfully God was watching out for us and we made it back safely...after I took over driving! LOL

Friday night after we got home and all clean we went out to dinner with some friends to a local Mexican place and they got him good when they came to sing "Happy Birthday" to him.

Saturday night was his party with everyone and we all went out to dinner then to a local pool pub.

Everyone buying the Birthday Boy drinks makes pictures fun!

Sunday Boo slept until 2:00 in the afternoon and we just hung out at home all day so he could recover.

Monday morning which was his actual birthday we got up early and went to Panama City so he could eat at his favorite place.

It's called Hunt's Oyster Bar. They have the BEST oysters that we have ever had and we make it a priority to stop there whenever we are close.

He was VERY happy! :)

It is just a little hole in the wall place that always has a wait and this is across the street... I thought it was ironic that the roofer was showing some butt! LOL :)

After lunch we headed to Pier Park to shop!

Boo loves spicy stuff so we stopped into the Pepper Palace and this shirt was on the wall! It cracked me up!

Some of you may not know but my favorite colors are pink and orange! :) I didn't end up buying these but almost did just for the colors.

We had a great time and were worn out from all the fun!! 

Boo said he had a great birthday! That's all that matters.

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