Friday, October 18, 2013

Mali - The Guinea Pig

For the LONGEST time I have been wanting a Guinea Pig!! I have begged and begged for one for as long as I can remember.

Well on February 3rd (the day after my birthday) Boo surprised me by taking me to the pet store to FINALLY get a Guinea Pig!! :)

Meet Mali:

She was soooooo tiny when we got her!

We ended up getting her a rabbit cage (aka her timeshare) because she is spoiled and I didn't want her to be cramped! 

(We just had her "timeshare" in the living room so we could watch her and see how she was handling everything!)

(She never was able to climb the ramp so that is no longer in there.)

Just hanging out on my desk with me!

Her favorite place to be:

(She is now almost to big to fit in here, she has grown a lot since February!)

This is her second favorite place to be, burrowed in my hair!

Her first carrot!

I had to protect my ears LoL she loved to nibble everything!!

So sweet!!!

Despite the terrified look from Mali, Tacoma is terrified of her!

I die from the cuteness!!

She is way bigger now though, I miss her being so tiny!!

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