Friday, October 18, 2013

Chili Cookoff 2013 - Day 1

The first weekend in March every year is the St. George Island Chili Cookoff. It raises money for the volunteer fire department there.

Basically it's a great excuse to rent a beach house and party with a bunch of friends while getting to have some of the areas best chili. Now I'll be honest I'm not the biggest fan of chili but I like to go for the entertainment. 

A group of us rented a beach house and had a great time. In years past the weather has been decent...this time was down right FREEZING!!! We are all Florida people and freeze when it gets below 70! The windchill was crazy, something like 45 degrees!!! We were all bundled up and still freezing! 

We packed the important things, the margarita machine and the shrimp boiler! We had the Rolla loaded down!

The drive down along the coast is one of my favorite drives because you get to see water almost the entire way! The day we drove down was windy and overcast but that didn't stop me from taking pictures out of the car window.

You can see the SGI bridge in this one:

When we got on the island we saw signs advertising ELI the band, we've missed them 2 years in a row!

We decided to see if we could check in to our beach house early. We had a code that supposedly only worked after a certain time. We found the house and saw that the bug man was there so we walked down to the beach and froze our butts off! :)

We waited awhile and then decided to not be chickens and go try our code. The bug man was still there...but we went in any way. Turns out he was just doing paperwork and went on his merry way.

Our house was awesome. It's name is "Beachnique". I don't have the pictures with me right now but will add some later if I remember! 

We unloaded our car load of stuff and climbed the stairs about three thousand times!! We got to have the master and it was beautiful. 

Everyone else started to arrive about an hour later after we had unpacked our things. I do not like living out of suitcases so I was thankful that we had an amazing closet to put everything away in.

That night we went to BJ's, local pizza place that is so yummy. After BJ's we went to a friend of ours beach house and hung out for a little bit.

Since this was over 6 months ago I am kind of fuzzy on the details! LoL

Day Two coming up next...

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