Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Handy Husband

I have to brag a bit on my husband today. He is AWESOME!!!!

We have been talking for a few months about getting a king size bed, we have been sleeping on a queen for four years. We finally went mattress shopping and holy moly can I just say that mattress shopping is more stressful than car shopping!! All of that laying down on mattresses in stores is just TOOOOOOO much for this seriously all I could think about was creepy crawly bugs and germs crawling all over me! ICK! Tangent over... 

Anyways after stopping at a few stores and 54,367 mattresses later we found one that we liked and ordered it.

Then came the moment of oh no what in the world are we going to do about bedroom furniture?!? We have a nice bedroom suite from Ashley that we got two years ago that was expensive and I knew that there was no way I wanted to spend that kind of money on bedroom furniture so soon. Enter Ana White and my awesome Husband. We both loved the Farmhouse bed so Boo built it for me!!!! It is BEAUTIFUL and so amazing!! I don't think I will ever buy furniture again lol he can just build it for me from now on!! :)

Here are some pictures of his handy work: 

We are going for a beachy theme so he white washed them:

Please excuse the BAD lighting!!

Here is what he did for the pulls on the drawer:

Just to keep it real, this post was drafted back in February (it is now October!!!) and I am just now getting around to post it. :) Oh and the bed still isn't white washed! We are waiting for it to cool down before we do that.

I love love love it and will never buy bedroom furniture again!

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