Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Day 1 - Introduce, Recent Picture, & 15 Facts

I am already a day late on the 30 Days topic posts...oh well! Pleae forgive me!!


My name is Megan. I am married to Boo and have been since May of 2010! My family is so important to me, they are the best family and I am so happy to live so close to them.

Recent Picture

This is the most recent picture of Boo and I. It was taken New Year's Eve and is a bad cell phone picture.

Happy New Years 2013 - Boo and Megan

15 Facts

  1. We got married at the courthouse, one day we will have a "reception" but for us getting married at the courthouse was the best thing that we could have done and it fit us just perfectly.
  2. I have three brothers! Cameron, Chad, and Mack!
  3. Boo has two cats...they are his because I do not like them! :)
  4. I have a commute to work...45 minutes one way on a good day, somedays it takes longer and somedays if school is not in then I can make it in 35!!!
  5. I love nail polish!
  6. Disney anything is my obsession!! I wish I could live in Disney World!
  7. I am an Apple Head! Macs and iPads for the win!!
  8. With that being said I just got rid of my iPhone...I wasn't impressed anymore.
  9. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is my new phone and I love it!!
  10. I hate putting away the dishes LOL it's like TORTURE!
  11. Crafting is my crack!
  12. Raisins are from the devil. Is it too much to ask for an oatmeal cookie without the raisins?!?!
  13. I have a led foot...sometimes I dream of driving in Nascar just so I could go as fast as I wanted and not get in trouble!
  14. I love getting a pedicure. If I could afford to I would get one every day! :)
  15. Christmas is my favorite time of year. I literally could eat sleep and breathe Christmas every day for eternity!

Hope you enjoyed my randomness! :)

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