Monday, July 9, 2012

Lake Jackson

Growing up in Florida has it's many perks!

If we weren't at the beach on the weekends we were at Lake Jackson.

I have so many memories of being at Lake Jackson, it's the first place I ever rode a waverunner, the first place my brother water skied, the first place I saw my Aunt Tammy ski and NOT get her hair wet (she's famously known for being able to ski and not get her hair wet LoL), and the first place I had a run in with a water moccasin (eeeeek...but not my last).

Lake Jackson is a 4,000 acre lake that is supposed to drain every 25 years. In the past 13 years it has drained 4 times. Water drains from the lake into the Floridan Aquifer through the sinkholes. These are usually partially or completely plugged with sediments, but collapse when groundwater levels drop, allowing lake water to funnel into the aquifer, which can virtually completely drain the lake. This has just happened again and this time we got out on the lake bed to see the sink hole.

It was quite a sight to be walking in the MIDDLE of what is usually a lake one on which we have boated on all of my life.

My husband and I were blown away by how incredible the sink hole is. It was crazy to think that the entire lake drained down this one hole that was about the size of a refridgerator wide into the aquifer.

Here are some pictures that we took with our phones:

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