Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lazy Weekend

This past weekend was a lazy laid back one which we needed.

We have the most rotten cats. Tacoma and Prius.

Prius always sleeps at my feet and drives me CRAZY!


We live near the coast and have lots of amazing trails near our house so we decided to get bikes and ride.

We rode down the St. Marks trail well not the entire thing just 3 miles one way and 3 back. The entire trail is 16.9 miles I think. It ends in St. Marks and we ate at Riverside which is a fun place on the river.

On the way back we switched bikes because mine was killing my butt! :) So here is Chris on my pink bike!

My pretty bike! Excuse the mess on the table Christopher was painting wood for a chair on my table and MESSED IT UP!! :(

This is the view from the 17th floor of my work to the view of the "Occupy Tallahassee" rally. Not to long after this they found a person who passed away in one of the tent's. Supposedly they are making them move out soon.

Chris and his bike drama... We got him three bikes before he found one he could put up with.

This is one that he ordered off line and was banged up and took back but he was so excited to get home and put it together.

 Tacoma and his rotten butt!

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